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Asian Trend Themes:

Re-route, Conducting, Efflorescence, Coexistence, Liberalization, Hidden Fantasy

Asian Trend Keywords:

the fusion of identities, virtual interaction, crafts that encourage touch, the subtleties of the heart and spirituality, Symbiosis with the nature, the next generation of craftsmanship, expand human sensory values, fantasy in expectations.

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Asian Trend Themes:

INTERFUSION, Regenerate, Examined Luxury, Metempsychosis, Playful Crossmodal, Exobiota

Asian Trend Keywords:

the moderate spirit, a new generation of imaginative power, sustainable luxury, Asian reincarnation, Crossover of the five senses, Virtual self-creation, seamless layer of real and virtual images


Asian Trend Themes:

Optimistic, Crossing Consciousness, Colour Strings, Dense Energy, Inter-material, Potentialities

Asian Trend Keywords:

Merger design Philosophy, Deconstruction of Form and Dimensions, Timeless Craftsman Heritage, Sustainability with a twist, Awe and hiding power, Form of Material Control, A Colorful Universe, Super-perception


Asian Trend Themes:

Condensation & Saltation, Opposite Imagination, Evolving Pleasure, Profound Theory, Twinkle Spectrum, Ideal origin

Asian Trend Keywords:

Condensation, The Twins Law, Interposition & Extension, Diaspora’s Identity, Art Influencer, The Origin of Creation, Re-construction of Reality and Virtual, Whimsical Creation


Asian Trend Themes:

Hybridity, Refined Poetics, Ultimate Sense, Enlightment, Serendipity, Unexpected Leap

Asian Trend Keywords:

Asia Time, Mega Cities, Life like to travel, Social Good, Craf-artist, Mediating Innovator, Exploring unknown Dimension, Amazing Colors and Materials


Asian Trend Themes:

Asian Conscious, Fatalistic elements, Dazzling Tribe, Primitivism, Interweave, Converted Sight

Asian Trend Keywords:

Asian Innovator, Reconstructed Materials, The seamless Link, The beauty of Nature, The hybrid Aesthetic, The integration of Tradition and Technology, New Color Aesthetics, The Asian Elegance


Asian Trend Themes:
Asian Interfusion, Innovated Artifice, Harmonization, Origins, Switching Perception, Limitless
Asian Trend Keywords:
Plants as the symbol, Realizing the dream world, Aesthetic consciousness extended by materials, Respect for the tradition, Publish works in cyber space, Inspiration brought by religion, The light colors reflecting sunlight, Reproduction the nature through digital simulations


Asian Trend Themes:

Asian Values, Invisible Sense, Impression, Synchronicity, Infinities, Ideal Figure.

Asian Trend Keywords:

Petite is Pretty, Online Shopping, REBORN, Wechat, Construction of the New Space, Shanshui City, Surrealism, Bionics.


Asian Trend Themes:
Woven Asian Mind, Sensual Drawing, Chi-Nostalgia, Wisdom, Floating, Extra Energy
Asian Trend Keywords:
Creation Era, Chinese SNS, China Regional Architecture, China Cross Design, Craft-mind Heritage and Succession, Between the Nature and Virtual, Street Culture, Luminous Bodies


Asian Trend Themes:
Spirit of Asia, Trabce Craft, Exclusive Deco, Elements, Pleasure Seeking, Emotional Laws
Asian Social Keywords:
Accelerating Development, From “Made in China” to “ Creation in China”, Symbolized Architectures, Green Lifestyle, New Orientalism, Era of Neo Tribes, Mix Culture, Chinese Creation

Customer’s Voice

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Michel Vanhems

Sun Chemical S.A.S., France

The Asia Color Trend Book is unique because it provides inspiration not only for color but also for materials and finish. Creators and designers from very different industries can use it as a source for their creations.

Masako Ban

Bag and Accessory Designer, acrylic

I am constantly impressed by the outstanding quality of the Asia Color Trend Book and the superb work of the book’s editorial team. For someone like me who works basically in monotone color palettes, I am particularly interested in color within that framework, as well as in the materials and textures featured in the book. I also really enjoy the rush of excitement I feel whenever I encounter vivid colors that light up the room or deep, rich colors. The book stimulates my sensibilities and inspires a steady stream of new designs.