Yuri Himuro
Express in the fabric construction


The works of Japanese fabric designer Yuri Himuro are full of imagination. She designs fabrics as products with the relationship between them and people as the starting point. Her “Snip snap” series is a kind of fabric that can be cut with scissors for free jigsaw puzzles. This jacquard fabric has a double structure, and the lines emerging from the surface can be cut with scissors. Her work “SATOYAMA” shows that the upper green part is cut to reveal the blue river surface where fish swim. The more cut, the more water there is to cover the lake. This is a pleasant piece of work that can be created freely with scissors. Other works such as “Luncheon MAP”, which presents cuisine and tableware as landscapes, and “SOFT blocks” are heap up soft blocks with cotton thread, these are works that can surprise people beyond the differences between generations and countries. The main feature of her work is to choose materials according to the theme and express them in the fabric construction. While designing, she thought about the fabric structure, made design drawings and made samples repeatedly with the craftsmen of the factory. She was also very interested in the fun of working with people, participating in Milan design week and actively collaborating with architectural Spaces. She has won the “IFFT/ Interiorlifestyle living Young Designer Award”,” ELLE DECO International Design Awards 2018” and many other Awards.