The portal site that rediscovers the place of home


Beautiful, rare and inspired. The House of Things is a portal site of discovery; what home could be. The curated collections of the online shop include fine furniture, antiquities, paintings, precious jewels and more, culled from partnerships with distinguished brands, designers and artisans. Their aesthetics cover from classic or antique to avant-garde. The artwork blends traditional art styles, Motif and colors, zest and vision with modern technology and production techniques. While the nature of each piece is diverse and global, the collection as a whole however, calls somewhat minimum and modern India.

The House of Things was founded by design experts, Astha Khetan and Sabina Chopra of India. Astha loves handicrafts and travel, which derived her to launch an online interior curated site; The House of Things. The curatorial expert team is a global explorer in mind; they make selections from travels across countries and serendipitous findings. Well-known design experts also collaborate with them, acting as a curator, putting together their own unique selections. Recognizing the importance of history and process, The House of Things also share anecdotes of the artwork in their collection. A Concierge service will support your seamless shopping experience, the entire process from custom designing, production and curated sourcing, shipping, insurance as well as payments.
The House of Things cultivate an edited mix of the extraordinary products, bringing in breeze of India into your home.