Design the interwoven expression


Fashion designer and art curator TARAMAN was born in Osaka in 1977 and spent his childhood in Nara. After graduating from ESMOD JAPON OSAKA, he worked as a designer of men’s and women’s clothing in several clothing companies. While publishing the vest – based design, he established KABUKIMONO DESIGN OFFICE in 2007, which was engaged in clothing, video, advertising, PR and other clothing design, modeling and art planning. With the aim of “FASHION is PASSION is TARAMAN”, he takes the clothing with the smallest visual expression as the main axis and makes modeling with various materials. He designs, dyes, designs and sews by himself, in recent years, in order to show his world view, he also designs visual arts such as make up, space art and atmosphere, and cooperates with performers and craftsmen in various industries.

In 2015, TARAMAN founded “Nara・weaving・material・music” to connect Nara’s materials, craftsmen and performers related to Nara. Since 2016, activities have been carried out in two strongholds, Tokyo and Nara. From the perspective of designers, activities have been carried out to explore the interwoven expression of various elements of Nara, such as space, materials, people and things, to spread Nara through communication, exhibition and activities.

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In September 2020, he released a video work “FACE・AWAKEN・EXPRESS・PRAY”, “Seidoubyoubu no Michi” that expresses the feelings during COVID-19. In addition to costumes and space, his first work as a director fuses the performances of fellow ink painters, graffiti artists, and pole dancers who faced themselves while refraining from COVID and reconsidered their lives, work, and creations. They created the image of “face-to-face, worries, awareness, and progress.” He exhibited at DESIGNART TOKYO 2020 (Exhibition: 23/10/2020-11/3)

He said “Searching for things that are often invisible to be visible. That is the root of my design expression.”