Sung Won Park
The organism created by glass art


Sung Won Park is a Korean glass artist who expanded the realm of glassblowing with his proficient craftsmanship. In 1991 he graduated from Kookmin University majoring in metal craft, and then graduated from Royal College of Art, London, majoring in glass in 1996.
Park previously paid attention to space and lines, the basic elements of plastic arts to form an organic creature using blowing technique. After the middle of 2000, he has turned to pictorial work applying hot casting while building the inner self-portrait. The inner figure is visualized in delicate but at the same time a quite raging texture and scratches on glass took out from a smelting furnace allude feverish intensity. The primitive vitality in his works shows his ambitious walk and endless desire toward the world looking for exhaust nozzle through glass. In particular, his unique technique of combining glass canes of various colors with hot casting deserves attention.