Paper cut artist Lv Shengzhong


As one of the representative paper cut artist in China, Lv Shengzhong was born in Shandong province, in 1984 he passed the postgraduate entrance examination of Central Academy of Fine Arts, studied folk art. After that, he inspected into villages in Shanxi province, followed folk artists to study paper cut art, he perceived that this folk art is popular and rooted in local folk-custom, its simple images permeate extensive and profound Chinese culture root. Scissor creates new space in plane, reflecting people’s feeling and creation mood towards real world. Lv graduated in 1987 and had been working in school, now he is professor. He founded new subject “experimental art” in Central Academy of Fine Arts, opening up folk paper sculpting classes, let students study folk art in practice.

As one of the representative artist in China “’85 New Wave”, he uses “little red man” as the basic expression symbol of paper cut, according to art exhibition, he pushed the powerful vigor of Chinese traditional art to world. His main exhibitions are “The New Emerging From the Old”, “Calling the Soul: Paper-cut Exhibition”, “Lv Shengzhong: Papercut Art Show”, ’85 New Wave- The Birth of Chinese Contemporary Art, 1989 China Avant-Garde Art Show, 1992 Know Each Other—Cassel International Art Exhibition, the Forth Asian Art Show, Fukuoka, Japan, 1995 Kwangju Biennale: Beyond the Border, 2002 Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou, Synthi-Scapes: Chinese Pavilion of the 50th Venice Biennale, etc. Besides teaching and creation,he also wrote books to propagate Chinese folk art.

He considers that “for China, last century was the start of society nature, was the so called origin of new culture, it was the beginning of modernization. What we had been trying to solve in more than one hundred years, it was the problems of last century, we experienced rough period, paid huge cost, but what we want wasn’t the result of today. So to speak, the new century in practical significance has not started yet.”