the copper craft with Chinese aesthetic


Oriento Wu Xuan Tu (Five color soil) is a brand of copper coloring and casting technology to create sculpture, painting and craft products. It is dedicated to the design of Chinese temperament, founded in 2016 by Jia Jianghong and Wang Shan. They have visited many remote villages in China, the fan, guqin, saucer and other traditional Chinese arts and crafts, hope to present cultural heritage and rules a new face, mix the Chinese aesthetic habits into creation, restore the painting art to the metal surface has become the driving force of their creations. The meaning “Wu” on behalf of the Chinese tradition of soil of the black, white, red, yellow, green, the five colors embody China’s unique culture and ways of thinking, and five lines of bearing, traditional ceremony, traditional Chinese medicine and decorative totem related, both have aesthetic value and social significance. “Xuan” represents the Chinese orientation of “the sky and the earth color”, Xuan is the sky, also for the mystery. It interprets the relationship between human and nature in traditional Chinese philosophy and is related to five colors. “Earth” represents the soil of the five elements, and the soil is the source of metal. The soil also represents the local culture, and using the local philosophy, media, aesthetic habits and traditional skills to create a visual language suitable for modern space. Its products include tea ware, vase, copper painting, sculpture, furniture and so on. The copper painting “consciousness” explores the possibility of copper surface coloring from the perspective of painting, and the coloring effect is varied. Chinese tea has a “daily necessities function” and “the unique romance function” two kinds style, copper cup, copper plate, constitute the five elements in the tea table, wood desk, soil cup, and the gold tea set, means perfect. Five Xuan Tu successively participated in the 2016 Guangzhou design week, 2016 Guangzhou Biennale in Paris, Milan design week as well as other gallery in 2017, was widely introduced by the magazine “the Chinese Manual”, Asian bilingual design magazine “design360°” art gallery magazine and other media, got lots of attention for its unique style.