Enjoy masterpiece of nature in daily life


“Usaginonedoko” is a shop, inn, cafe in Kyoto, holding “Introducing the beauty of nature” as its theme. The shop is like a museum, exhibiting and selling specimens of animals, plants, and minerals as a product that can be enjoyed in our daily life. Their signature product series, “Sola cube” is a 4cm square cube made of clear acrylic. It encapsulate the beautiful forms of nature such as walnuts, thistle, seeds of balloon vine, or dandelion fluff.

Koichi Yoshimura, the creative director, was born in Kyoto. His professional background is a marketer and copywriter for an advertising company until he became independent in 2011. He suggests to enjoy the masterpiece of nature as interior goods or a gift in our daily lives like design or art.

To introduce the beauty of nature, Usaginonedoko hold exhibitions as well.From July through September in 2015, they held a unique exhibition titled “Beauty of Nature 2 -No life without sea urchin-” at gallery “(PLACE) by method” in Shibuya.Under the spikes of the sea urchin, that protects itself from enemies, is a colorful skeleton. The exhibition collected over one hundred kinds of rare sea urchins from around the world, sufficiently drawing out their beauties with the latest techniques such as acrylic encapsulation, three-dimensional scan, and 3D printings.

Usaginonedoko also hold small exhibitions and workshops of sea urchins and other specimens in their shop from time to time.