Meiji Jingu Forest Festival of Art
Celebrate. Pray. Create.

神宮の杜芸術祝祭 祭る。祈る。創る。

In 2020, Meiji Shrine in the center of Tokyo celebrate its centennial. To mark the first steps into the next one hundred years, Meiji Jingu Museum opened last year as part of the Meiji Jingu Centennial Festival Memorial Project. The beautiful museum designed by Kengo Kuma is the setting for the “Meiji Jingu Forest Festival of Art”, a festival of contemporary Japanese art and culture, introduce the uniquely Japanese aesthetic to the world. Outdoor sculpture exhibitions “Tenkukaikatsu” , contemporary art Exhibition “Shikansuiyo The works of 40 contemporary artists produced by Yumi Yamaguchi, an art director who has a deep knowledge of Japanese contemporary art and has been promoting it for many years, are composed and motifs while expressing in traditional Japanese styles such as folding screens, hanging shafts, screens, and fan faces. You can see the unique sensibilities of the artists in the compositions, motifs, colors and materials. In particular, the fan-shaped paintings are original productions by 30 notable contemporary artists, and the works that make use of their unique creative methods are symbolic, inspired by Meiji Jingu and the guardian forest.