Logo Design Respecting Asian Esthetics


Asia Color Trend Book is the only one design trend book in the world focused on Asia. It captures a variety of Asian cultural background and trends in a wide perspective. It presents the inspiration source to a wide range of branding strategy in Asia by introducing the newest creations, the rich images, and unique CMF (color, material, finish) samples which stir readers’ artistic sensibility.

Please take a look at the title logo of the cover. You will find some elegant motifs of flowers, fruits, and birds combined with the letters “Asia Color Trend Book 2016”. They were inspired by the motifs which were embroidered on traditional costumes of the Miao people living in Guizhou province of Southwest China. These embroideries richly stand for the natural beauty of the land where they have lived for generations. Looking closely at this title logo, you can find a tree peony and a bird which perches on its branch in the letter “A” of “ASIA”, a bud and a butterfly over a peach tree in letters “O” of “BOOK”. Furthermore, you find peaches and two phoenixes in the letter “17” and “18” in the sign of year “2017-18”, the part which is different every year. Don’t you think this title logo, decorated with relaxed and jubilant motifs, looks like a door to the world of beauty of Asia?

It takes much time and labor to embroider these motifs on traditional clothes, caps, and sashes. However, the Miao young women have great zeal and skill. We will tell you the specific meanings of their embroideries motifs in the next column.

Photo by Shinichi Kaneko