Kim Young Jin
Contemporary Korean hanbok fashion


Kim Young Jin is the Creative Director of the order made Korean wear hanbok brand Tchai Kim Young Jin and the ready to wear brand Tchai Kim. Her traditional hanbok and hanbok-inspired ready to wear designs are greatly appreciated for their delicate proportions and lines that envelope the human body in exquisite harmony. She has also been contributing to bringing hanbok to the international stage in the name of fashion. Last year alone, she took part in the Hanbok Fashion Show at the Milano Expo 2015 and the Korea Now! exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France to name a few. Kim began her professional career in theater to produce costumes and props, and her experience as Louis Vuitton RTW fashion Team leader gave her a better understanding of the meaning of tradition. She launched Tchai Kim Young Jin in 2004 and launched Tchai Kim in 2013. Tchai Kim is ready to wear brand that takes its inspiration from Namsadangpae, a traveling troupe of performers of the olden days. The clothes are made from natural fabrics such as liner, cotton and silk, mixed with modern materials and finished with delicate details that add a note of originality and subtlety distinctive. Rooted in history, Tchai Kim reinterprets the traditional Korean hanbok for comfortable and practical clothes the can be worn every day, offers styles that are beautiful, contemporary and global.