Hiroto Yoshizoe
The artwork of YET (doing both)


Hiroto Yoshizoe, designer, received the grand prix at LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2017 for his work “PIXEL”. It is a simple structure with mountain shape which can be used as construction material like a partition or a wall by being freely piled to divide the space. Furthermore, PIXEL reflects and transforms the information of light and shadow from one side in its structure, and output it as another digital visual. The theme of the award was “YET (doing both)” which means that creators should not compromise but harmonize conflicting ideas to aim higher, and produce new value and impression.

Yoshizoe considers that one of themes of his design is how to cross over two elements; people and goods, one territory and another territory. He says, “Two contrasting elements are also two connecting elements which are pulling against each other. There are some new hints little different from the world we usually see, in the works emphasized the part which we do not consciously feel in daily life like light and shadow.”

He also received a prize at LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2016 under the theme of “Anticipation”, for his work “PLANTS-SKIN” whose concept was a conversation between humans and plants. A planter of the work has a special pigment inside that lose color when the water runs out. It is colored again once water is added. The work visualizes the silent voice of plants which humans cannot listen.

After graduating from the Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design at Musashino Art University, he has worked on the planning, concept making and artwork for urban development and commercial space. Yoshizoe designs the relationship between humans and society in his works, with something like the sign and shadow felt unconsciously as material. His works make people think of the way of new communication which they have never seen before.