Creation by involving a natural social system, observer-creator; Sukho Kang


Sukho Kang, the self-entitled observer-creator born in Korea in 1980, works on an experimental project. He collects colony of termites from the back hills and puts books; the Bible, catalogues, or dictionaries, in a plastic box with them.

Kang thinks books as micro-civilization of mankind. As the project progress, the termites gnaw through pages, create a new nest, while the book itself is destroyed.
He does not interfere with this tiny world, a micro society-civilization which has been transplanted into the book, the epitome of human civilization.
The only thing Kang does is to select a book, feed the termites with it, and keep the box fit for them

When Kang feels that the book has been thoroughly taken over by the termites, he relocates them to another environment. He then selects the pages of visual impact, fills in the traces of termites with acrylic paint, polish the surface, or place them in acrylic frames. This “Trans-Society project” studies the past and present conditions of our society, so that we, as viewers, may contemplate the implications for our future.