China × Traditional Embroidered of Miao People


The plants and animals of the title logo of Asia Color Trend Book were inspired by the motifs which were embroidered on traditional costumes of the Miao people, living in Guizhou province of Southwest China. The costumes of the young Miao Women have long retained distinctive ethnic characteristics. The Miao mothers have taught their daughters how to embroider since they were 6 or 7 years old, and they embroider the motifs on clothes, skirts, belts, hats, and sashes one by one. It usually takes 3 to 4 years to complete embroideries on a suit of gala dress. Their various design patterns and vivid colors decorating daily lives are really marvelous.

Embroideries of the Miao people are designed in the motif of flowers, birds, insects, and fishes. These designs reflect the ancient history, religion, custom, humanity, desire, and heroism of the Miao. For example, a butterfly is the mother of all human beings and animals in their concept. It is said that an insect like a silkworm came to a maple tree long ago. It became a butterfly and laid twelve eggs. A yellow egg of them was the egg of human beings. That is why maple trees and butterflies are still so important to the Miao. They respect maple trees as lucky sign, and embroider motifs of butterfly on outstanding parts of their clothes like front of hats or shoulder of jackets to remind them of their ancestors. We would be glad if you would find the butterfly in the logo imagining this story.

Some Asian races, like the Miao, have led environmentally friendly lifestyles and kept their unique designs and color scheme based on their traditional values. We try to search the trend of Asia and the cultural background. We send you “the present Asia”.

Photo by Jun Sanbonmatsu