BANMOO, A Chinese cultural interior space and furniture brand, the founder Lv Yongzhong has special illustration towards the relationship between traditional Chinese culture and modern design. “BANMOO” comes from the meaning “take half full”, “half” is an attitude to life, also an endless pursuit while taking self-improvement; “Moo” represented by wood which contains various materials and forms. After its “BANMOO House” in Shanghai, BANMOO space Beijing located in Caochangdi Arts, Beijing has opened in 2014. It has three floors, 700 square meters in total, outdoor balcony more than 100 square meters, the 6m floor height and strip skylight bring the natural light and subtle changes on the wall. The concept of the space design is “Bright AnHui—Courtyard and Hall”, the inspiration came from Lv yongzhong’s memory of his journey to ancient Huizhou, he was touched by the Confucian businessman in Huizhou, the vigorous and plain character of Huizhou buildings, so he created a “Huizhou” collection furniture.

The first floor is art exhibition and tea space, the second is academy learning hall, the third floor is a personal work and living space. The ground of first floor stand 2.4m wide mirrors, bring the height and depth to the space just like the courtyard of ancient Huizhou, display “Arhat conch” and “Tea & Bar Cabinet”, also there “Cool Breeze Zen Conch” and “Seven Strings Qin Table” in the tea and seven strings space. Second Floor has a strong scholar style, Huizhou collection table, chair, bookshelf, and display the latest “Round Table and Stool” collection. Third floor displays BANMOO works “1930 Tables” and “Message Writing Desk”. There are full experiences of oriental life style such as Zen, tea, Chinese seven strings Qin, study, dining room, lounge, etc.