Bambike, bamboo’s flexibility enriches life in the Philippines


“Bambike” is a bamboo bicycle made in the Philippines.

Bamboo grows tall and strong, yet flexible enough to sway in the wind and not snap. These properties translate into a bike frame that is stiff enough to crank on, and reduces its vibration for a smooth ride.


This socio-ecological project started in 2010, focusing on the richness of bamboo and skillfulness of Filipino people. Their bamboo bike are handmade by villagers of “Gawad Kalinga(GK)”, a Philippine-based community development movement, working to bring an end to poverty for 5million families by 2024.

The bikes can be purchased or rented. There are guided eco-tours along the walled city of Intramuros and such.


The project have also built a playground for children made out of bamboo and upcycled truck tires, sponsored the preschool teacher’s salary, and school lunch for the students.

Bambike shares GK’s vision to end poverty in the Philippines, creating jobs and giving people hope to lead a better life.