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The Asia Color Association 2019 (ACA2019) provides a unique forum, bringing together researchers, academics, students, artists, architects, industrialists, engineers, designers, computer scientists, lighting experts, media professionals, exhibitors and business leaders. The theme of ACA2019 is “Color Communications”. Color has the power to change the world and future and it is increased through communication. Around 200 delegates from all over Asia enjoying this conference.

Fields and Topics 色彩の領域

1. Color vision: Color vision, Color physiology, Color appearance
2. Quality of life: Universal color design, Color deficiency, Elderly vision
3. Color psychology: Color culture, Color art, Color aesthetic, Color education, Color experience, Color emotion and preference
4. Color design: Color in product design, Color in fashion, Color environment, Personal color
5. Color application: Color physics and engineering, Color in printing and media, Color in packaging, Color in agriculture, Color in architecture, Urban design
6. Color in health and cosmetics: Color in medicine, Color in food, Color in cosmetics, Color of skin
7. Color technology: Color measurement, Color notation, Color difference, Color light, Color lighting, Color materials
8. Color imaging: Color image processing, Computational color image, Color in computer graphics,Color reproduction, Color image quality
9. Color in new fields
10. Others

“Asia Color Trend Book”
Eri Omae (Zhou Xin)

Editor-in-chief of Asia Color Trend Book / Creative director of DIC Color & Design Inc.

With the increasing importance of Asian markets in the world economy, re-explore Asian culture and philosophy, the relationship between Asia and the world achieved structural transformation. “Asia Color Trend Book” published since 2008, as a world’s only trend book focused on Asia, continue to disseminate the compactness and sense of humor, ambition and vitality of Asians, forecasting visual, color and material trend. Through exchanges with professional people from Asian countries, we were reminded of the richness Asian color culture.