About Us

“Asia Color Trend Book” focuses on discovering art and design trends unique to Asian cultures, and delivering inspirations to the world. Since the first issue published in 2008 as “China Color Trend Book”, the book has been providing profound insights on Asian aesthetics with special attention to color, material, and cultural trends. The book contains articles introducing the latest movement in art, design, and technology along with over 400 inspiration images and approximately 50 materials samples. Critically acclaimed and widely used by number of industry leaders, we are dedicated to continuously provide the finest inspiration sources to the world as a frontier of the Asian creativity scene.

Editor’s Postscript

At present Asia has become a huge energy source, and its economy, culture, and message give a great influence to the world. This “world’s sole trend book based on Asia” has been appreciated and used by creators in various countries around the world.
Recently we are expanding our activity into the exhibit installation connected with the trend book, making a network that creates the beauty of Asia, and so on. This time we have started a site to send you information which we cannot tell enough in the book. We will be introducing researchers, artists, designers, craftsmen, collectors, and material makers of Asian countries to more and more people in our columns and moving images.
Our aim will never change although life and death, love, way of living, and creative surroundings have drastically changed. We hope our trend book will be the platform that provides the information focused on the Asian new and powerful creativity to the world.

Chief Editor of “Asia Color Trend Book”
Eri Omae (Zhou Xin)
November 2016