About Us

“Asia Color Trend Book” is a world’s only trend book focus on Asia since 2008. Along with the importance of the Asian market in the world economy, the unique sensibility of Asia linked to global trends is drawing attention. In collaboration with trend researchers from Asian countries, trend forecasting from unique angles including cultural backgrounds and values, symbolic news and brands, art conveys unique sensibilities, colors and materials created by new technologies, leads the brand development and design strategy of a wide range of fields. It is framed by hundreds of unique images, color and material samples, concepts and stories in Japanese, Chinese and English, continuous provide a wealth of inspiration. As a reference book for understanding the aesthetic sense of Asia, it is used not only by marketers and creators, but also in educational settings such as universities, museums and libraries.

Editor’s Postscript

In 2020, pandemic suddenly visited the world led the uplifting feeling in Asia to deep meditation and a new normal way of life. AI, robotics and digital technology is accelerating, real and virtual seamless communication is expanding. A new value that traces the roots of Asia, reconsiders ancient beliefs, medicine, traditional culture and techniques, and reexamines the significance of beauty. Utilize natural materials and sustainable system, artistic industrial products, high-performance materials stimulate senses, innovative design from China and India.
This edition has been renewed toward a new era, is structured to increase the weight of social trends and consumer minds that are driving Asia today. We read the era speedy and from various angles, and introduce art and design, colors and materials as 6 trend themes.
Over ten years, “Asia Color Trend Book” has witnessed changes in Asia. As the turbulent times, we consider it a turning point to think deeply and create new hope. We will continue to serve as an aesthetic platform connecting the world and Asia.

Editor-in-chief of Asia Color Trend Book
Eri Omae (Zhou Xin)
Dec 2020