Color & Texture of the Year 2017

Dynamic & Dazzling

Presented by Asia Color Trend Book

Dazzling mental sense yellow


Photo by Shinichi Kaneko 金子親一
DIC-C310 Ladylike gold
DIC-166 Shiny yellow
DIC-N803 Jaunty yellow
DIC-2058 Yellow fraught air
T1718-301 Dazzling metal
T1718-502 Ink black emitted in gilt daring
T1718-503 Fantastic metal of greenish gold
T1718-601 Reddish deep brown that brought the transmission to outline

Transformed Red


Model photo by Mote Sinabel Aoki モート・シナベル・アオキ
DIC-C41 Deep red that captures the process of transformation
DIC-51 Pink with pop nuance
DIC-30 Reddish orange with transparency
T1718-302 Rich and mellow pink to polarize
T1718-603 Mysteriously melt together red and purple
T1718-102 Intensely bright red

Dynamic Green


Photo by Studio UX23 スタジオ UX23
DIC-591 Green such as dance
DIC-N848 Tranquil green
DIC-F37 Color superimposed blue green
T1718-204 Airy yellow green
T1718-602 Sparkling mystery green that biotechnology gave birth

Exotic Blue


Photo by Shinichi Kaneko 金子親一
DIC-C268 Exotic mature blue
DIC-99 Bright & pop blue
DIC_F46 Vivid blue
T1718-304 Blue such as drip
T1718-202 Blue of tactile grainy
T1718-501 Deep blue in ecstasy
T1718-604 Blue black hushed abyss of life