Mangrove Collective
The texture contrasts with the pattern


Mangrove Collective is a professional furniture customization, home accessories and wooden product design company and brand, located in Faridabad, India. Established in 2015 as a branch of Studio Lotus, Mangrove Collective has grown into an independent workshop to carry out design research and production independently in just a few years. It won the best designer of the year award for ELLE EDIDA in 2018.Its design team consists of 60 highly skilled craftsmen and designers from different fields led by furniture designers Suman Sharma, Arun Kullu and Vedika Jhujhunwala.It never emphasizes the style, but uses geometry to balance, to elaborate the form, and to solve problems from the design function. It committed to the rich traditional handicraft, local resources and advanced materials and technology combination.Design process is determined by considering sustainable development perspectives such as culture, social background and environmental impact.The 20,000-square-foot complex includes workshops and workshops for processing, decorating and painting materials.Give designers freedom and collaborative workspace.It is good at the innovation in hand woven patterns, hand rattan weaving, bamboo weaving and other processes, with all kinds of wood, marble, homespun, metal, leather. The exquisite texture of the material contrasts with the strong pattern, which creates a fresh sensory experience.Color uses low-key, clean and neat outline, present modern, low-key luxury temperament.Its product style is not stick to one pattern, applies to the household, the office, as well as the leisure business space.