3D printing technology’s new aesthetic design


Xuberance is a 3D printing design company in Shanghai. It provides three-dimensional design and 3D related research and exploit services. In April 2015, Xuberance made its first appearance in the 54th Salone del Mobile and the 17th Salone Satellite with theme exhibition “Xuberance Tang.” The 3D printing lightings from “Cloud Series” were awarded the first prize of Salone Satellite from 700 pieces of competitive works. It was the first time that Chinese designers obtained the top prize.

Their works combine Chinese classical culture and modern technology, echoing the theme of environmental protection by layer deposition modeling. The fusion of 3D printing technology and design philosophy of “digital sculpture principle,” in Xuberance’s works, transformed three-dimensional products into daily commodities lightening up people’s lives. The international jury evaluated that “Xuberance opened up a brand new aesthetic design to deduce and revive traditional Chinese culture.”

“Xuberance” was founded in 2008 by Steven Ma in Vienna. He then moved to Shanghai with his partner Lu Bin and Wang Lei in 2014, and become the first 3D printing and designing independent manufacturer in China. Its business involves many fields such as art, interiors, construction, and industry product design. Their products feature innovative molding materials and achieves grace and intricately shapes with unique artistic sense together with high technology. Under the significant change in the traditional manufacturing industry, the international design field initiatively evaluated design and manufacturing by 3D printing. Xuberance winning “Salone Satellite,” also witnesses that the 3D printing technology undoubtedly has opened a new era in manufacturing, became a new trend in materials and production.